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Our Story

We are Pet Lovers!

Our Pets are Our Kids.

We want to help others in the grieving process by writing about your pets and telling the world your pet’s story. We feel it is a way that you can say goodbye to your beloved pets. To “show and tell” about your pets to your family, your friends and all pet lovers who may come across your story. We know one thing for sure, losing a pet is difficult no matter how young or old we are.

Remembering Our Pets

We had two pets who passed away, only one day apart.

Eli passed away on July 25th and Wahoo passed away on July 26th, 2019. This was a very difficult time for my wife, Kari Hammond, and myself.

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Eli, a.k.a. Little Man or The Sheriff

In Remembrance of Our Dog, Eli

Eli passed on to doggie heaven. He woke up one morning and had signs of having a stroke. The Vet said he could recover with time. However, being blind he would take longer to get better. After a night of watching him suffer, not being able to stand or go to the bathroom, we decided he would be better off being the sheriff in doggy heaven.

The Vet said he could recover with time

For the most part, all dogs knew who was in charge when Eli was in the neighborhood. Our little man would be either going at 120 mph or taking a nap, unless it was dinner time. He never missed a meal, but he needed a good meal to stay out on the range all day long. We will deeply miss him, but we know he is in a much better place now. We Love You Eli!!

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In Remembrance of Our Cat, Wahoo

Wahoo was an amazing cat/dog. When our dogs got a treat, she was right there beside them for her treat. She loved life. Wahoo loved to eat, sleep and be outside. She loved to go on walks, yes, I said walks. If I had just two word to describe Wahoo, I would have to say, Wahoo was adventurous and loyal. If I could have only taught her how to fetch me a beer. She was my best friend. Love You Wahoo!

Wahoo loved to eat, sleep and be outside.

The part I am going to miss the most about her is, she loved to lay on my belly. It didn’t matter where or how I was sitting or lying, she always found her spot. They say cats have 9 lives and she made sure to use most of them up. In the end, the one thing she couldn’t beat, was Cancer. They say Cancer does not discriminate, and again, “they” are correct. Her Cancer came fast and came hard.

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