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Shor-Line cages are one of our most popular products. There are millions of Shor-Line cages happily serving veterinarians, shelters, animal control, groomers and boarders.

As part of our continuous improvement, Shor-Line has developed new and innovative ways for you to repurpose Shor-Line cages to work harder for you. Here are five ways you can modify your cages:

Oxygen Therapy Doors

You can transform almost all Shor-Line doors into an oxygen therapy kennel. Our new and improved O2 door is an ideal tool for managing all kinds of oxygen needs in pets. Pair it with a mobile oxygen concentrator that makes medical-grade oxygen from room air, and you have an effective critical care cage.

We also offer accessories, such as an O2 analyzer for measuring O2 concentration in the cage, and an oxygen therapy kit that pairs a small animal mask and O2 tubing to place oxygen directly on or next to your patient.

Read more about our O2 cages and download the information sheet. Our helpful staff can help you order for Type III cages or modify Type I cages to fit the Oxygen Therapy Door. (It does not work with Type II cages.)

Cage Valets

Organizing with Cage Valets can be life-changing for animal care facilities. With hundreds of animals coming and going, keeping track of their “stuff” takes on a life of its own. Tame the problem by installing Cage Valets.

It is a polycarbonate clipboard that…

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