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This holiday season, give the gift of discovery with an Embark for Breeders DNA Kit for your breeder friends and new puppy owners. Each dog is tested across 220,000 genetic markers, and helps contribute to expanding Embark’s fast growing database. This amount of data will lead to more novel discoveries sooner to help dogs live healthier, longer lives. Beyond the DNA test, breeders and dog owners continue donating to research throughout the life of the dog with Embark’s annual health surveys, or sharing their dog’s raw DNA data with breed clubs and researchers. The best way to give this holiday season includes two virtual options so you won’t have to stress about shipping delays. Delight breeder friends with Embark gift cards or discounted DNA kits through the Refer a Breeder program.  

Purebred dogs, and the genetic similarity by breed, are an ideal model to test for genetic conditions because each breed is a close population of like individuals. That’s why testing as many dogs of the same breed as possible can help find causes of disease sooner. Breeders can DNA test their dogs and litters, and encourage new puppy owners to continue the research by filling out the ongoing Embark health surveys to collect even more information that can lead to breed-specific genetic health advances as well as discoveries for all dogs, because Embark tests for 210+ genetic conditions. 

Sharing raw DNA data 

Your dog’s DNA raw data can be shared with…

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