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Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and our pets, and the humans who love them, deserve some extra love too! To help you out, we’ve created a giant list of dog Valentine’s Day gift ideas and some fun ideas for the dog parents themselves. 

Get ready to have a blast this Valentine’s Day and surprise others with amazing dog Valentine gifts! 

What Should I Get My Dog for Valentine’s Day? – 5 Sweet Dog Valentines Day Gift Ideas

1. Valentine’s Day Gog Toys

Any dog would be thrilled to receive Valentine’s dog toys for this special occasion. After all, nothing says love like chasing your dog around your home as they enjoy frolicking around with their new toy. 

Let’s jump into some sweet Valentine’s dog toys that are on point and pawfect for the occasion:

  1. Pet Shop by Fringe Studio Rose All Day Squeaky Plush Dog Toy: This is sure to put a smile on your face and your dog’s. Enjoy this pink Rose All Day bottle-shaped toy with your pup this Valentine’s Day. But, be warned – it is a squeaky plush dog toy! 
  2. Frisco Retro Lip Gloss Plush Squeaky Dog Toy: Have a girly girl dog in your life? This three-count dog toy is perfect for them with its bright red lips and two tubes of retro lip gloss. Help your pup embrace their girly side this Valentine’s Day with this fun valentine’s dog toy. 
  3. Marvel’s Valentine Candy Heart Heroes Plush Squeaky Dog Toy: These large Valentine’s Day “candy hearts”…

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