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An untrained dog is still a great friend. But a trained dog can be an even better friend. Not to mention happier and safer, as training your dog is something that’s definitely done for their own good (not because you’re on a power trip).

When you start training your dog, you must do so with purpose. You should have a clear idea of what you hope to accomplish. This goal-oriented approach to dog training can deliver impressive and lasting results, especially if you plan your program based on the following list of the 10 best dog training tips.

#1: Start With Simple Commands

There are some principles of education that apply to both animals and humans. Whether you’re teaching your dog to sit or your children to ride a bicycle, it’s necessary to start simple to make sure they grasp the basics.

Once you’ve successfully taught them to heel, stay or come, then and only then will they be ready to move on to more complex demands.

How to train dogs to sit

Your dog can be taught to sit through the use of a verbal signal (“sit!”) combined with a treat and praise whenever they change to a sitting position. If they’re lying down you can hold their treat directly above their head, lifting it high enough to encourage them…

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