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The Trixie Foundation recently ran into some trouble, but now things are beginning to look up.

The Trixie Foundation is an animal rescue center, located in the foothills of eastern Appalachian Kentucky saving animals and providing them with shelter for almost three decades.

However, although the founder of the charity, Randy Skaggs, swears his Foundation to be considered an “Eden” or a “sanctuary”, Kentucky State Troopers recently raided and rescued the animals from Skaggs’s hands.

Skaggs has 179 counts of animal cruelty to his name, yet somehow was able to continue running the Foundation for two years – treating the animals in a fashion one would only consider to be inhumane.

According to Julia Sharp, she visited the Foundation in February, mentioning how she saw a dead dog that had been left to rot inside an igloo for at least two weeks.

Following a two-year-long investigation, the raid took place – finally saving the animals from what can only be described as a nightmare.

Saving the animals 

Adopting Ringo

Robert Tiell, the founder of Our Pet Beyond, first heard of the raid on Tuesday upon talking to a good friend, Jackie Brewer.

Brewer had been a big advocate in taking down the Trixie foundation for quite some time. Jackie told us about our new foster Minpin, Ringo. Having already talked with Julia Sharp, Jackie already knew of the saddening loss of our Minpin, Eli last July.

Upon hearing of the new foster, I called Cheryl Higdon from True Heart Minpin rescue in Richmond KY to let her know there was a Minpin headed her way and we were interested in fostering Ringo.

Reaching out to the TLC rescue page for the Trixie foundation on Facebook, alongside both Cheryl and Jackie recommending us we now have a new and loving foster in our home; Ringo.

Instead of being cramped up in a create all day every day, Ringo now plays in our big back yard, she’s never been happier.

Robert Tiell
Fostering Ringo

You too can foster a dog like Ringo

There are many more loving dogs like Ringo, left without a home and in the need of a new owner.

If you’re interested in fostering, please visit their Facebook page or alternatively click here.

UPDATE: as of 5.8.2020 at 8 pmThere are fewer than 30 dogs remaining in triage and TLC is still plowing through…

Posted by STOP The Trixie Foundation aka The Gulag on Friday, May 8, 2020

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