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STOP the Trixie Foundation, aka the Gulag.

Located in the foothills of eastern Appalachian Kentucky is the Trixie Foundation; a so-called animal rescue center that has been ‘saving’ animals for over 28 years.

Or so that’s what they want you to believe.

What the founders of the Trixie Foundation refer to as their ‘sanctuary’ or ‘Eden’, is actually the entire opposite.

The Kentucky State Troopers certainly agreed, executing a search warrant and this time, actually ‘rescuing’ the animals.

Let us explain.

First, let’s begin with Randy Skaggs…

Randy Skaggs is the founder of the Trixie Foundation, setting up this animal rescue charity which was recently investigated less than two years ago.

This Foundation receives donations worldwide to support the rescue animals, providing them with both food and shelter. 

Currently, Skaggs has already been charged with 179 counts of animal cruelty, yet somehow was able to keep the animals and running the foundation pending trial.

However, the trial has been pending for two years.

During these two years, dogs have reportedly died in the worst possible conditions. TLC rescue founder Julia Sharp describes what she saw in February: “We were told one dog was placed inside one of the igloos after she was dead and was left there to rot for two weeks inside one of the dog houses.”

The gulag of despair 

Inevitably, this lead to a Facebook group calling the Foundation a ‘Gulag’. Upon asking Skaggs if he had heard of this group he referred to it as “Gulag of despair” – denying all claims against him and insisting all the animals are cared for lovingly.

Last weekend saw a raid of the shelter, seizing a total of 108 animals with a further 12 found dead. To add to his 179 counts of animal cruelty, Skaggs is now faced with 12 counts of improper disposal of dead animals.

Fostering the rescue dogs

Please visit the Gulag of despair Facebook page if you’re interested in fostering a rescue dog, or if you wish to show your support.

If you want to foster, please fill this form out completely and send it back either through this site or to be patient as we are very thorough in checking references etc.

Posted by STOP The Trixie Foundation aka The Gulag on Thursday, May 7, 2020

Please click here to visit their Facebook page.

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