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There are many misconceptions about purebred dog DNA tests. Did you know that DNA testing can help breeders, owners, and veterinarians make proactive choices that address breed-specific health conditions and traits?

Breeders know that genetic testing is an important part of producing healthy purebred puppies, and thousands of breeders have trusted Embark to help manage their breeding programs. Embark actively works with breeders and foundations that share our goal of ending preventable disease in dogs and extending dogs’ lives. That’s why we’re proud to be the preferred dog DNA test sponsor of The National Dog Show.

Today, we’re debunking five common myths about purebred dog DNA tests. We’ll also share a few key things you should know about genetic health risks in purebred dogs.

Myth #1: Purebred dog DNA tests will only tell me about my dog’s breed, which I already know.

That’s false! 

Fact: It’s true that the Embark DNA Test for Purebred Dogs will tell you about your dog’s breed and ancestry, but it does much more than that. Our Purebred Dog DNA Test also screens for 210+ genetic health risks, measures genetic diversity, and connects you with your dog’s relatives.

Myth #2: Purebred dog DNA tests won’t tell me anything useful.


Fact: Knowing about your purebred dog’s genetic health can help you catch risks early and take preventive steps. Embark makes it easy to share results with your veterinarian, so the two of you can form a proactive health plan for your dog and give…

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