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You know that puppies need the right diet to fuel their growth and development—and provide the energy for adorable puppy zoomies—but you have no idea how much food you should be putting in their bowl. You’re not alone. One survey found that just 40 percent of pet owners felt confident that they were providing their dogs the right nutrition.

If you’ve got questions like, “how much should I feed my puppy,” “how often should I feed my puppy,” and “what should I feed my puppy,” we’ve got you covered!

Consider this your essential puppy feeding guide chock-full of information about what puppies should eat, how much and when, based on their size and development.

How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?

There is no one-size-fits-all guide to puppy portions, because a Dachshund will need different nutrition than a Doberman.

All the decisions you make about how much to feed your puppy will be based on a number of factors like their weight, age, breed and activity level. Consulting a puppy feeding chart can help take the guesswork out of portions.

Puppy Feeding Chart – How Much to Feed a Puppy by Weight 

A puppy feeding chart is an invaluable resource for pet owners. The chart uses information like age and weight so you know exactly how much to…

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