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DOGust (August 1st) is the universal birthday for shelter dogs.

But they deserve to be celebrated all year round!

Originally founded in 2008 by North Shore Animal League America—the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue organization — the holiday has since been adopted by shelters around the U.S. Not to mention the proud parents of rescue pups!

There’s no question that animal rescue organizations share PetPlate’s mission of helping dogs live longer, happier, and healthier lives. That’s why a few of our own rescue moms and dads are spotlighting their favorite shelters, in hopes of increasing attention and support for the animals in their care. 


Second Chance Rescue

Founded in 2009, Second Chance Rescue NYC strives to reduce euthanasia rates and support an overburdened shelter system through education, community outreach, and a wide network of loving foster families that temporarily house and care for the thousands of animals they rescue. 

Second Chance also hopes to destigmatize discriminated breeds and build a society of animal advocacy and compassion, by rescuing and rehabilitating critically injured and neglected animals, and connecting the community to services that enable pets to remain in their homes. That includes the McLovin’s Meal Program, which allows families in need to pick up free food from a series of locations. 

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