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It was meant to be:

Buster was your typical pup looking for a home and waiting to find the right peeps who he knew would take care of him. He was in the shelter working on his personal skills and avoiding other would be adopters like the plague because he knew they weren’t the right people.  Then the day came when he just knew he had to impress the tire kickers.  As his future owners walked back and forth, he desperately tried to get their attention.  Then it happened, they finally looked down at him and he batted his eyes at them, saying, I know you want me, give me a chance and he batted his eyes at them one more time.  They then looked back at Buster and noticed that he had two different colored eyes.  At that moment, when their eyes met each other, all parties involved knew this was meant to be.  After spending some time with Buster at the shelter, Joyce and Christian decided that he was the one for them.  Buster’s different colored eyes matched their personalities and how different they both were.  


This is a common adjective most pet owner use when describing their pets.  In Buster’s case, he took his loyalty to an all new level.  When Joyce and Christian found Buster at the animal shelter, he was not very friendly to most people who were looking to adopt a pet.  He took to his new family right away.  Buster did not have favorite blanket, toy or dog bed, he was pretty much a “plain jane” type of dog.  The only thing he really wanted was to be around his new parents.  He would sleep next to them on floor at night and he was always eager to see them each morning.  Buster was always cautious around strangers.  It took time for him to adjust to people he hadn’t met before except for family members.  Somehow, he had sense of who his new parents trusted, in fact, the foster home was surprised about how well Buster thrived with them.  


Like all pets, Buster had his own personality.  Storms, Veterinarians and change are three things that Buster did not like.  The next winter after his adoption, there had been a bad snowstorm.  Buster was scared and had run away.  Luckily, Joyce and Christian found him a street over on someone’s porch just a shivering.  They got him home, warmed him up and gave him lots of hugs.  Another time he had run out into the street and was hit by a truck.  Of course, there was a quick trip to the ER.  As he got older, he started to calm down, could be kept off a leash and would not run away.  Of course, he would have spells not and then when there would be a bad thunderstorm or even howling winds before or after a storm, Buster would get nervous and pace back and forth.  He also chewed up Christians favorite hat at one point and Joyce threw it in the trash so he wouldn’t know what Buster did.  In fact, Buster’s story will probably get Joyce in trouble since it was Christian’s favorite hat and he just thought he lost it.  

Family Time:

Buster had several fur-legged family members throughout his 14 years of life.  He didn’t particularly care for them, but he didn’t mind them either.  If his parents liked them, that’s all he needed to know that they were okay brothers and sisters.  Towards the latter years of his life he would snuggle with his cats and liked it when they would rub up against him.  Buster also had a family outside of the house.  Buster had a doggie door so he could always come and go as he pleased.  When no one was home, other dogs in the neighborhood came over to play, but Buster would never run off with them.  He would play with them at his place, but that was it.  He was not going to leave and risk getting into trouble or worse, not being able to find his way home.  He knew and appreciated those who took care of him and he made sure that he would never miss a meal by staying loyal.  

Buster also had 2, two-legged siblings.  Again, like with his fur-legged siblings, they were tolerable, but not his favorites.  Joyce and Christian were his favorites.  Regardless of how Buster felt about Jakob and Riley, they still loved him, and they all became better friends after they were old enough to give Buster treats and food off the table.  Buster would sit, stay and shake, but his best skill was probably begging.  He didn’t beg like a normal dog; he would just look up at you with his beautiful multicolored eyes and you could just see what he was wanting.  We all enjoyed spending time with Buster.  

The Final Goodbye:

Buster has been and always will be missed deeply.  He died at the age of 14 years old and had been adopted by Joyce and Christian when he was just 10 months old.  He was a great companion and was always there for the two of them.  They had good times and times when they wanted to strangle him, but deep down, he brought the two of them closer together because he was their first child.  Joyce and Christian watched him grow up from a puppy to an old friend.  Buster was always there to please his parents and although he did get into trouble at times, overall, he was a great dog that saved them and help to strengthen their relationship.  Even though they saved him from a shelter, in the end it was Buster who saved them. 

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