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What can make escaping the chaos of daily life to savor the splendor of Mother Nature even better? Your dog, of course! (And good bug spray!)

To maximize fun and safety, camping with your dog requires a bit of planning. What to bring? Where to go? Does my dog need his own sleeping bag? Is there a doggy version of s’mores? Read on for the ultimate guide to camping with pets and get ready for outdoor adventures with your best furry buddy.


Why Go Camping With Your Dog?

Camping with your pup—i.e. spending 24 hours a day together exploring new places and experiences—is not only a blast, it helps cultivate the bond between you and your dog. Add a few hikes and a bit of swimming, and you’ve got even more of what it takes to keep dogs healthy and happy. Camping is an all-you-can-sniff buffet of enrichment for dogs, providing mental and physical stimulation. Chances are, there will be other furry friends to play with at dog-friendly campgrounds, so your dog (and you!) can enjoy spending time with new pals.

Need further inspiration? Check out the Camping with Dogs  website and Facebook group for endless pics of happy pups living their best lives outside.


Dog Camping Gear-What Do I Need?

 For a comfortable, safe camping trip, pack these dog camping essentials:

  • Identification tags on a…

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