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The Best Homemade Frozen Dog Treats Recipes


From ice cream to lemonade, we definitely turn to food and drink to help keep us cool during summer. So why should our dogs be any different?

Sure, a banana split sporting scoops of rocky road and drowned with chocolate sauce definitely isn’t in the cards for pups. But a frozen peanut butter dog treat (or one made from pumpkin or yogurt) sure is! Read on, to learn how to make frozen dog treats.

*You know that frustrating phrase, everything in moderation? Well, the same applies to dogs. Especially when it comes to cold treats, which can cause stomach upset—or in the worst case, bloat—when consumed quickly in large amounts.

Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats

We’re not going to lie…we’ve purchased our pup frozen yogurt from an ice cream stand plenty of times during summer (hey, we’re indulging, why shouldn’t he?). But simply freezing plain yogurt bypasses the added sugar and preservatives found in the store-bought dairy treat, and allows you to serve your pup an unadulterated dose of gut-healthy probiotics instead!

We especially love adding another colorful layer to these dog frozen treats, like pumpkin. As with yogurt, it’s great for doggie digestion. “Ice cream” that settles the stomach? Sold! Or instead of making frozen pumpkin dog treats, transform this into a sweet potato dog treats recipe,…

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